Team Roster Visibility, Standings Note, and Bug Fixes

By LeagueApps
March 31, 2011
< 1 min

We pushed out a product release that includes a few things worth mentioning. Here is a quick rundown:

  • You can now see the details regarding any team’s pending player invites and pending team join requests, directly from the League Team page in the Manager Console (see image on right). This is helpful when you’re trying to determine the current status of how a team is filling out its roster.
  • The team player gender counts have been added to the League Team page in the Manager Console, so you can get a sense of a team’s gender balance in a quick glance.
  • There is now a Standings Note feature, which allows you to post a public note at the top of any specific standings table. This is useful if you want to add color commentary or other details about the team rankings in a particular program.
  • And, as always, we’ve fixed more bugs and are continually improving the general experience of using the product. We read all your feedback and appreciate it all – thanks!