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These Reports Will Tell You Who Loves Your Programming

By Melissa Wickes
March 28, 2024
3 min

You know better than anyone, a successful youth sports program is not successful if players are not coming back year after year, or showing up during the season. Youth sports is a word of mouth business, and who is going to refer other families to your program if they’re not sending their own kids back for a second year? 

So how do you stay on top of this? And how do you use this information to make your programs stronger—ensuring parents want to send their kids back year after year, and recommend you to all of the neighborhood families. 

The answer is better youth sports reporting—and the good news is LeagueApps has just released two new youth sports reports to help you analyze this information. 


First things first, are your players actually showing up for games and practices? 

LeagueApps’ new Attendance Report will allow you to see which players have or have not RSVP’d and checked-in for games and events, so you can stay on top of this data. You can even get granular with this report—use it to search by specific programs and specific players to see all attendance for the programs across your organization. The youth sports report includes:

  • Attendance Summary
  • Program Attendance
  • Player Attendance
  • Check-ins by Player Name

If you like housing all of your reporting in one place that’s not within LeagueApps, no worries. You can export any chart created, as well as schedule exports or sends to whomever you want at specific days and times.

For more detailed information about how to use this report, click here. 

Player Retention

Now that you know who is attending your programs, you need to know who is attending them year after year. Enter the Player Retention report. 

This report allows you to understand how much your organization has retained players and their revenue—all the way back to the first year they started with your organization. This data is available across your organization. Here are some of the filtering options you’ll see in this report so you can dig into your programming and organization’s retention:

  • Site Name
  • First Program Name
  • First Grouped Program Name
  • First Program Type
  • Payment Status
  • Current Role
  • Registration Status
  • Only View Specific Program Types

Similarly to all other LeagueApps reports, you can export the Retention Report or schedule an export or send. 

Click here to read more about the Player Retention Report.

Why LeagueApps Analytics? 

2024 is the year of data and analytics in youth sports—so much so that youth sports organizers are investing their time and money into these areas so they can understand what’s working in their organization and what’s not. If you aren’t taking advantage of technology that can help you analyze your organization’s data, you will be falling behind. 

LeagueApps Analytics is a one-stop shop for all things data and analytics—and the best part is it lives within your youth sports management software. 

Using LeagueApps Analytics will give you a competitive edge within registration, discounts, invoicing, payment plans, bank transfers, programs, and so much more. 

There are currently 22 LeagueApps Analytics reports available to LeagueApps partners—to learn more about these reports and how LeagueApps can help you transform your business, click here.