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Introducing Live Chat to Bring You Even More Support

By LeagueApps
October 9, 2017
2 min

It’s our goal to ensure a long-term partnership with you and every single one of our partners, so that you can deliver great sports experiences in your community. We want to help you achieve your goals, whether that’s saving time on administrative work, growing your player base, providing coaches/parents/participants with a better experience, or sharing how technology can help in other areas of your organization. Whatever your goals may be, it is our job to show you the path and help you reach them. Your success is our success!

Providing a great product is only part of the value we provide to our partners. We also recognize that providing great service is as important as the product itself. Service can mean different things to different companies. To LeagueApps, great service is defined by providing value to our partners at every interaction point.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new live chat, available to all of our partners. Over the next two weeks, from October 9th to October 20th, we will be offering dedicated live chat hours from 10am – 2pm EST, Monday through Friday. After October 20th, we will set a long-term schedule for the live chat hours.

What Is Live Chat?

The LeagueApps Partner Success team will make it even easier to get your questions answered. Our goal is to be even more responsive and give partners another convenient channel for quick help. One of our dedicated members on the Partner Success team will be available to answer your questions immediately, giving you up-to-the-minute advice and solutions to make your programs run even more efficiently.

So far, our partners are loving this line of communication!

Where Is Live Chat?

We understand the need to have live chat present in the right place when you need it most. You and your admins will have instant access to it once you log in to your dashboard. In the lower left hand corner, you’ll see a blue box that says “LeagueApps is Online!” Simply click on the blue box, and ask away. Interact with the short video below by clicking on it.

How Else Can I Find Support?

We have several resources available at your disposal!

Click here to read more about the LeagueApps Partner Success team and the service we provide.