Import your Existing Member Database To LeagueApps (for Free!)

By LeagueApps
September 22, 2011
2 min

Ever wonder how to get your existing list of 1,000+ members AND their email addresses into your LeagueApps account? We’ve got you covered- The LeagueApps team has a member import service that will do it for you!

Often, established organizations that are switching to a new league management platform get bogged down with the task of inputting all of their member information. Another common hurdle leagues face is getting all of their members to create personal accounts on their own. Let’s face it- not every member is responsive, and some people might need that extra push to get started.

The LeagueApps team can help by importing your entire member database in such a way that all members will get new accounts automatically created. LeagueApps will then automatically email your members their new account information so that they can log-in and not waste any time signing up for programs. It’s one less step for you to worry about when setting up your account.


All you have to do is send us a spreadsheet with the following fields for your members:

Required Fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address

Additionally, you can also provide your own custom fields that you’d like to be imported into your members’ profiles (i.e. phone number, shirt size etc.).


If this is something you’d like to do, please get in touch at


In addition to importing your database, we will gladly help with any aspects of your LeagueApps account setup. Our team offers free 20-min sales demos, as well as personalized training sessions where we’ll log-in to your account and help launch your site in real time.

Drop us a line if you’re interested in any of these services!