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5 Best Practices to Create a Youth Sports Website That Converts

By Melissa Wickes
June 14, 2022
2 min

As a leader in youth sports, your time is extremely valuable and you don’t have extra to be chasing down customers with social media posts, ads, flyers, and more. That’s where a really great youth sports website comes in.

It’s 2022. You know it’s crucial to have a professional looking youth sports website that tells your brand’s story and helps potential customers learn more about you. It simplifies scheduling, houses registration, tells your brand’s story, and allows you to take your organization to the next level. But, like most of us, you may not know how to make a really great website. Let’s simplify it.

We want to walk you through the basics of making a youth sports website so your website is a home base that not only represents your brand, but converts leads into customers—while you spend your time out on the field doing what matters most to you. Join us on June 28th for a free webinar—5 Best Practices to Create a Youth Sports Website—from 12:30-1:15pm ET. 

What to Expect From the Webinar

Have you ever wondered what the country’s top youth sports organizations are doing to grow faster? The answer lies in a quality, professional looking website that makes scheduling, payments, registration, and brand awareness easier and faster. We’ll be sitting down with Jon Rowland, Senior Manager of Marketing at Ripken Baseball, to discuss their new website and how it helps them get new customers, as well as Ripken’s experience working with the LeagueApps design team. 

Across its facilities, clinics, and tournaments, Ripken Baseball hosts more than 120,000 participants and 350,000 guests from all 50 states and 12 countries annually—and a huge part of that is thanks to their quality website. The LeagueApps Design Shop helped Ripken Baseball take their website to the next level—a website that houses schedules, registration, and payments and answers questions, explains programs, and visually represents the Ripken brand to a tee. Home run. 

If you attend this webinar, you’ll leave with the tools you need to create a youth sports website that will change the course of your organization for the better. We’ll help you learn how to hone in on the problems and desires of your customers and potential customers and solve them through your website, and so much more. Here are some of the steps we’ll go over during the webinar: 

  • How to identify your audience and craft your goals
  • How to design and lay out your website
  • How to determine what kind of content your website needs
  • How to optimize your website and get it in front of potential customers
  • How to engage your members and convert leads into customers

We’ll also discuss important technical topics including SEO, mobile design, visual branding, and speaking to your audience—in a digestible and easy-to-follow way.

Are you ready to turn your website into a tool that grows your business? Whether you need to make a few tweaks to your existing site or you need a whole new website from scratch, this webinar will give you the resources you’ve been missing to build the perfect youth sports website that serves your organization. 

Register for 5 Best Practices to Create a Youth Sports Website here.