Success Stories

Learn how different types of sports organizations customize LeagueApps to power their digital solutions.

SFSGL utilize LeagueApps to streamline operations for their volunteer staff.

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Social Leagues Inc.

Discover how LeagueApps helped Social Leagues grow by over 1000% within two years.

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PlayMore Sport & Social Club

In their first season on the LeagueApps platform, PlayMore Sport & Social Club gained a 70% growth rate.

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Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association (CMSA)

CMSA enhanced their LeagueApps solution with professional design and membership tools.

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Beehive Sport & Social Club

Beehive Sports take their organization “professional” with LeagueApps.

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Iowa Elite Basketball

Fee collection is no longer a hassle for Iowa Elite

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SixFifty Lacrosse

Matt Bond and SixFifty Lacrosse integrated LeagueApps to take their website to the next level.

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PortSports Social Club

PortSports tried several digital solutions before integrating the LeagueApps into their website to power online registration.

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Breaking Barriers Lacrosse

LeagueApps helps Breaking Barriers Lacrosse give back to their community and the game.

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Ballyhoo FC

Ballyhoo FC takes advantage of the LeagueApps partnership with USASA.

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Missouri Basketball Academy

With all the hours saved organizing, MBA professionals are now spending time developing young athletes.

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Rising Stars Lacrosse

Rising Stars Lacrosse Reaches For The Sky with LeagueApps.

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Go Big Lacrosse

Rich Klares, owner of Go Big Lacrosse, loves to emphasize that he is not a customer or client of LeagueApps. He is a partner.

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Red Rocks Sports

Red Rocks Sports developed a digital website and solution to grow their sports community.

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Saugus ACES

LeagueApps allows Saugus ACES to organize their NAASA affiliated soccer league.

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All City Athletics

Before LeagueApps, All City Athletics handled registrations on paper and while juggling multiple online tools.

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Big D Sports & Entertainment

Big D Sports & Entertainment integrated LeagueApps into their current website in less than one week.

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San Diego American Flag Football League

The SDAFFL is one of the premier LGBTQ football programs in the states bringing the best experience to players from throughout the country.

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Net Force Volleyball

Net Force Gaining Net Growth After Switching To LeagueApps

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