Product Updates

At LeagueApps we continuously improve our product based on our partner’s feedback. Take a look at highlights from the updates we’ve released:

April 2017

  • New Design Theme Beta
    Do you want to update your website’s look and feel? We’re now offering a new design theme! It’s a bold, modern theme that offers broad, horizontal sections of content for a sleek and beautiful design. Take a look at the theme here. Pair the theme with our new point-and-click page templates and blog feature to really take your site to the next level! Contact us if you’re interested in installing the new theme on your site.
  • Custom Sort Order for Registration Listings
    Take more control of your program discovery! Choose to sort your registration listings by Registration Start Date, Activity Start Date or Alphabetically. See how to custom sort your programs here.

March 2017

  • LeagueApps Gateway Beta
    LeagueApps Gateway powered by Stripe is the best payment gateway option for sports organizers. Are you interested in LeagueApps fees applied as the transaction is processed instead of a monthly bill? Click here to learn more about the benefits of LeagueApps Gateway and details about our beta program.
  • Registration and Transaction Report Update
    We made some minor changes to the Transaction Report and Registration Report column headers to provide a more detailed understanding of the reports and its data. Click here to see changes.

February 2017

  • Page Template Builder
    Make building pages easy using our new page templates. Simply fill in the blanks, click save and you’re done!
  • Blog Tool
    Create your own news articles using our new blog tool! Share content with your participants and easily post it to your LeagueApps website.

January 2017

  • Advanced Payment Plans
    Payment Plans now have advanced settings that include partial payments on installments and overdue installment rules.
  • Password Protected Programs
    If you run elite or invite only programs then use our program setting to require a password in order to register for a program.

December 2016

  • Introducing Team Talk
    Team Talk is a new style of messaging from the team page that’s thread based and includes a team email address. If you’re interested in our beta program email us here!
  • Team Page Redesign
    We’ve updated our team page on mobile and desktop to optimize how participants can access the team’s schedule, messaging and roster!
  • Copy Team Roster
    Program Staff and Team Captains can now easily bulk copy or bulk invite their new team’s roster from a previous team’s roster.
  • Roster Deadline and Status
    Youth organizations can now set a roster deadline in programs to make sure that Program Staff are submitting a roster by the deadline.

Late October 2016

  • RSVP Beta
    Players, Parents and Staff can now RSVP to games and events from their LeagueApps schedule! Learn more about how RSVP looks and works here. If you’re interested in our beta program email us here!
  • Text Messaging App Updates
    We’ve updated our Text Messaging App to allow youth accounts 13 or older to have their own mobile number to receive text alerts. LeagueApps admins also now have mobile number add and edit permissions in member’s accounts.
  • API Updates
    Additional data endpoints for teams have been added to our open API.

Early October 2016

September 2016

Late August 2016

  • Registration Report Update
    We’ve refactored our Registration Report to include both staff registrations and background support for running large reports with a lot of data.
  • Email Templates
    In our broadcast messaging tool we’ve added a feature to build and choose a template when sending an email.
  • Payment Plan Improvements
    Allowing an organizer to be more flexible with payment plan installments once a player is already enrolled into a payment plan is the theme behind our latest batch of payment plan improvements. Read more about what has been updated here.
  • Bulk Player Message Customization
    When using our bulk player message tool you can now customize the subject line and include more characters (2000) in the message – great for inviting players to your travel teams from tryouts!

Early August 2016

  • New Admin Dashboard
    On the dashboard there are a couple of new sections, including What’s Happening, Quick Links and Top Programs. These sections are designed to instantly display important information and get you where you need to go in the console in just a click.
  • New Navigation
    The main navigation has been moved to the right side of the page to improve page visibility and lay the foundation for mobile optimized admin functionality (coming soon!).
  • Improved Site Search
    The site search now uses auto-complete functionality with quick results, so you can select something from the drop down or view a search results page to find what you’re looking for.
  • Program Summary Report
    Now you can instantly view a condensed, customizable, sortable and exportable program report with information like amount paid, amount outstanding, registration deadline date and remaining capacity.
  • Master Schedule
    The master schedule is an admin report that condenses all games and events into one page, with filters for programs, locations and sub-locations.

June 2016

  • Multiple Program Waivers
    In each program’s settings and the site default registration settings, more than one waiver can now be added and accepted by the registrant separately.
  • Private Payment Plans
    Do you need to make family specific or scholarship payment plans? Now you can with our new private setting in payment plans.
  • File Upload for Program Staff
    We’ve updated our file upload field to allow for Program Staff to upload a file during or after registration – great for allowing a coach to upload a roster!
  • Custom Email Message for Skipped Payment
    Show your registrants a specific registration confirmation message that only applies when the user skips online payment.

Late May 2016

  • E-Commerce Store Front and Shopping Cart
    In addition to assigning products to your programs for registrants to add to their cart during registration, you can now assign products to an auto-formatted store front page! You can even create and organize your products into different categories in the store front
  • Organization-Wide Transaction and Invoice Reporting
    Do you have multiple sites under your LeagueApps account? Now you can run transaction and invoice reports that combine the data from all of your sites! Read more about this report here
  • Credits Improvements
    We’ve made updates to our credits feature! Admins will now have the option to credit a registrant from the delete player prompt, there’s an ‘issue credit’ button in each invoice and there’s an indicator on each invoice when credit is given.

Early May 2016

April 2016

  • Credit System
    Issue credits to players, coaches and families instead of giving refunds
  • Create Recurring Calendar Events
    Great for creating practice schedules using a program calendar
  • Delete Player Without Refund
    Useful for when players drop out of programs but don’t qualify for a refund
  • Choose fields for CSV export
    Save time by picking what data you want to see in your LeagueApps reports before exporting to Excel
  • Confirmation Email Updates for Incomplete Payments
    Updates to the email subject and content will make registrants and admins more aware of registrations that resulted in no payment
  • Program Staff view update
    Improved layout with more information, including paid and outstanding balance per team, and a quick link to register another team
  • Add Note to Offline Payment
    Great for entering Check Number in an invoice!

March 2016

  • Transaction Report Updates
    We’ve increased the power of our transactions report by adding two new report types: Transaction Detail and Transaction Summary. See how they work here
  • Mass Coach Report
    For organizations taking team registrations using our grouped programs feature, we’ve introduced a mass report and export of all coaches in the grouped program. See how grouped programs work here
  • Export LeagueApps Billing
    We’ve made some format changes and also now allow you to export your LeagueApps billing into Excel. See more about billing here
  • Schedule Import Improvements
    We’ve added grouped program support to our schedule import feature. See how to import a schedule here

February 2016

  • Roster Printing Update
    New format, add custom form fields and mass print all teams in one program. Great for any program that needs contact info and other custom fields on a roster. See how it works here
  • Small Group Registration
    Admins can allow registrants to create small groups that other players can register to. Great for programs who accept free agents and friend requests. See how admins can set it up and how it works for the registrant
  • Program Grouping Improvements
    Discovery and widget improvements for grouped programs

2015 Highlights

  • New Content Page Editor Tools
    New more user friendly format allowing for easier pictures and video embedding and table building. See how it works here
  • Team Properties / T-Shirt Reporting
    Allows admins to quickly and easily tally up the number of answers to form field questions that were asked to players during the registration process. See how to run this report
  • Document Upload
    Collect documents such as birth certificates and medical forms from members during registration. See more here
  • Schedule Import
    Build your schedule your way, then upload it into LeagueApps via Excel document. See how here
  • Admin Bulk Actions
    In a program, admins can bulk select then bulk move and bulk message registrants. Great for inviting players to club teams after a tryout
  • Saved Payments
    One-click payments for participants and admins can set up auto-charge payment plans. See more here
  • Grouped and Session Based Programs
    Program Grouping allows you to create a main program, which will then house multiple sub-programs. This gives organizers more flexibility and organization in setting up programs with different divisions, levels and sessions. See more here
  • US Lacrosse Integration
    Admins can activate the US Lacrosse membership validation program in the LeagueApps App Center and choose to require a valid US Lacrosse number in order to register for a program
  • Custom Standings Rules Per Program
    Different sports call for different standings rules, so now you can customize your standings per program!

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